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Keep things simple!

Eating well doesn't need to be complicated.
Let's keep things simple.  There really is no need to make life any more complicated than it is already.  Simple recipes, cooked or prepared  for you, by you. That's it!  Eating well can be the key to unlock your full potential.
The fundamental principles
Your life and experiences so far have brought you to this point in your life.  No amount of force or persuasion can eradicate that.  I won't try.  We will start where you are and work from there, taking the next small step to move you towards your goal.
Food Choices
Food choices are more about the habits we have formed over our lifetime, rather than our true likes & preferences.  To make any sort of changes, we need to become more self aware. Understanding our own habits is a key focus on The KezBez Weigh.
A simple strategy that is so easily over looked.  
Nothing we want to succeed at in life happens by accident.  It all takes some thought and planning to make it happen.  A great meal starts with a little planning.  I'm sure you have heard the saying " failure to plan is a plan for failure".  Corny but true!
Take 5
Our modern daily lives move along in the fast lane.  
We try to achieve the impossible every day.  Squeezing in as much as we can in the vain we are being super productive and accomplish a never ending list of priorities.  
False economy I'm afraid.  Taking 5 minutes to zone out and tune in (to yourself), will have a greater impact on your desired productivity.  
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