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We learn from experience

Nothing is more powerful than experience. 

Introducing Stuart:

Testimonial, probably from the most challenging client I may ever face - my husband!

"I can honestly say I was a reluctant joiner of The KezBez Weigh.  However, looking at the difference it had made to Kerry's physical appearance and the happier it made her feel, helped me to take the plunge.  I was not hugely overweight at the start of the programme but unhappy with my appearance and feeling that it was not changing whatever I did.  My waist measurement was 91cm at the start, which reduced to 82cm.  A significant result and one that made me proud of what I had achieved with Kerry's help. 

More significantly for me had been the change in my decision making process when looking at food and drink.  I now make the right choice most of the time and this has meant that I have a sustainable plan to keep the weight off and be healthier."

Stuart Berry

May I introduce Steph:

"I contacted Kerry last Easter while I was away on holiday. I wasn’t feeling my best in my Bikini and I’d started to reassemble a sausage in my usual nicely fitting dresses. On top of that I had been diagnosed with IBS which was causing me a lot of pain and trouble.
Very slowly Kerry started educating me on food and what was good to eat to keep your metabolism going. We all know the basics but not only did Kerry explain what was good for me but also explained in great detail why it was good. Each week I was given a task to complete and this gave me an aim and a fresh challenge to concentrate on. I started cooking a lot more from scratch (something I rarely did) as this was a great way of adding lots of fresh veg into a dish and knowing what was in it, no hidden sugars! Kerry looks into your eating habits and finds tasty alternatives for your weaknesses! I eat very regularly and was very scared of becoming hungry as I felt weak very quickly, Kerry taught me what foods fill you for longer and I found myself snacking less and really enjoying my meals more. Since seeing Kerry my IBS has stopped flaring up. This just proves that eating fresh foods can do you a lot of good. 
I'm a very busy person, I have 3 children and never stop running around but I managed to loose 6kg, my BMI has dropped from 23 to 20, my body fat was 34.3% now it’s 25.6 and my muscle % went from 27.6 to 45! 
I have dropped a full dress size and feel so much better too. Don’t get me wrong, I still indulge and go out drinking but I know now how to ‘rein it back in’ very quickly and am hoping to keep the weight off.
Many thanks to Kerry who was a great mentor and helped me in a lot of ways, I miss our meetings and hope we will stay in touch.
I would highly recommend Kerry to anyone who wants to change their eating habits for the better." 


Introducing Mike:

A man of very few words.  

We can let his progress photos do the talking!


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